Extra Hands: The Woodpeckers X-Mat Assembly System

Ever been assembling a project and really, really wished you had an extra pair of hands? Most of us improvise using whatever clamps, vices or props we have laying around to hold everything in place. I once drilled through a piece of wood right into the plastic housing of a portable radio I was using as a prop. Don’t ask.

Woodpeckers, Inc., a manufacturer of fine woodworking tools, has developed a brilliant new system called, The X-Mat. The system’s foundation is built around 1′ square ¾” thick interlocking mats, made of a tough, chemical resistant ABS plastic and reinforced polycarbonate. Each mat has special x-shaped recesses, designed to accommodate the many optional clamps and other work-holding aids available as part of the X-Mat system. And if you need to ensure your X-Mat setup is stable, optional 2″x12″ Secure Strips integrate three counter-sunk screw holes for mounting the entire system onto a workbench or plywood.

Woodpeckers, Inc. X-Mat Assembly System

The X-Mat system is very well thought-out, with accessories to make assembling just about any project large or small much less painful. The system even offers optional ‘finger’ accessories designed to simply elevate your project off of the X-Mat itself, so you can stain it with ease.

While the X-Mat system was designed for woodworking, the system could be used for just about anything… the possibilities are endless—just check out the video below:

The X-Mat system is available in several pre-made configurations or you can build your own by purchasing individual pieces directly from Woodpeckers, Inc. The Deluxe X-Mat System ($150 on Amazon) includes 9 X-Mats, 8 L-Supports, 6 Secure Strips and 4 Fingers—plenty of workspace for even the largest of projects.

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