DIY Sandblaster

Having access to an abrasive media blaster of some kind is great if you’re restoring a car, truck, or working with other types of metals that need to be completely clean and free of any contaminants.

There are several kinds of media blasters available for both the workshop and mobile applications. Prices vary, but typical consumer-style portable sandblasters like we’re talking about today can run between $50-$250+.

Then, of course, there’s always the DIY way—our favorite way.

The crew over at Make it Extreme created their own sandblaster using four LPG tanks and a lot of ingenuity. Sure, many won’t have the well-equipped shop that these guys do, but the project is certainly still doable with tools most of us have access to. The end-result is a portable sandblaster that looks plenty capable.

Here’s the video showing how it’s done. You can also find the brief write-up on their website.

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