Sturdy, Space-Saving Outdoor Pop-Up Storage

Whether on the porch, patio, deck, in the backyard or even at the RV park, sometimes we just need a place to put our stuff to keep it clean and dry outdoors. Old-school metal sheds are big, expensive and are basically permanent fixtures, while smaller decorative plastic storage boxes rarely hold-up to the elements.

YardStash is a cool solution that takes the traditional heavy-duty vinyl tarp and turns it into a pop-up tent of sorts—one that can be installed in minutes but that can be used permanently in many applications.

The latest version of the YardStash (IV) is just under 5½’ tall, about 6′ wide, and 2½’ deep—enough room for two adult bicycles with room to spare. Fully assembled, the unit weighs in at just 19lbs. An integrated floor keeps things stable on grass or other uneven terrains, and hooks inside allow you to hang lightweight stuff, such as bike helmets or hedge clippers.

The YardStash IV can be set up in minutes, thanks to its simple, tool-less system of fiberglass poles, integrated sleeves, and grommets. Once together, the tent can be secured to the ground, a wall or a fence using either stakes or screws driven through sturdy eyelets.

The YardStash defeats the elements with its heavy-duty (.02″ thick), weatherproof vinyl tarpaulin, which is also tear-proof and UV fade resistant. The roof is pitched, too, so rain and snow will slide right off. Its large rubber-tabbed zippers at the bottom, integrated storm flaps, and sealed seams throughout ensure all of your stuff is kept clean and dry. A front mesh vent eliminates condensation but can be closed, too.

While not super-expensive, the YardStash IV is a bit steep at around $175 at the time of this writing. Still, it’s a great way to tidy things up in the yard and has plenty of room for all of your typical lawn tools and equipment. We do wish there were different colors available, such as a few neutral tones and maybe a brick red to better blend with traditional home siding, fencing, etc.

We shouldn’t have to point out the obvious, but the YardStash clearly is not designed to keep bad guys out. Then again, not very many outdoor storage solutions are.

There are other YardStash products available as well, which include bike covers, deck box covers, and stand-alone outdoor storage boxes. You can see their full line of products on the YardStash Amazon Store, or at

Here’s a video tour of the YardStash IV:

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