XKGlow – Seriously Cool App-Controlled LED Lighting for Your Ride!

The other day, I was cruising the web in search of some decent rock lights for the Jeep. Lots of my off-roading buddies have pretty much the same setup, so I wanted something a bit different. I think I’ve found that something. In fact, I found what I consider to be some of the coolest—if not the coolest—lighting options for just about any vehicle.

The company is called XKGlow, and not only do they offer some great off-road and emergency vehicle LED lighting, but a super-sweet product line called XKchrome. The easy-to-install XKchrome LED lights are controlled by a smartphone app that allows you to select from a palette of millions of colors, sync the lights to music (with different zones), select from dozens of preset patterns and holiday themes, and color-match the lights with real life objects.?

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Here’s a video showing the XKchrome system in action:

I read through the installation docs on their website and the XKchrome system is super-easy to install and expand upon. A full setup may take 2-4 hours at best. Here’s what the average Joe can do in 15 minutes or 3 hours:

XKchrome Motorcycle Install Time
XKchrome - Car Install Time

I’m not much for rainbows of lights emitting from the Jeep while I’m on the trails, so I’m looking at XKGlow’s rock lights for myself. But, who knows… there’s probably still a little party left in this old man.?? Still, the XKchrome series is really amazing for the price and simplified installation. Perhaps the wife will let me spiff-up her brand new RDX… perhaps.

You can buy XKGlow products on their website or [some of them] on Amazon. Prices vary greatly because the systems are customizable. We saw kits from $80 to $350. But even on the high-end, these things are cool and seem worth the price. Just be aware that certain colors and/or flashing patterns may not be legal in your state.

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