Hands On: WORX Pegasus Work Table & Sawhorse

Three years ago today (seriously, not planned!), we published a quick overview of the . We didn’t own one at the time but thought it was cool, so we covered it. Recently, we purchased one of our own for a project we were working on and decided we’d dig-in and do a more complete hands-on … Read more

A Portable Work Table & Sawhorse in One

I’ve got several different types and brands of sawhorses, but I’ve never really considered a portable work table before. If I’m working on a project outside of the garage, I typically just lay some plywood across two sawhorses to use as a table without giving it a second thought. When WORX shared their new sawhorse/work table … Read more

A Simple, Elegant & Functional Workbench

When you’ve got limited space and budget, but need a strong workbench that isn’t part of a larger modular system, New Age Products has a solid, great looking, and affordable solution. Available in three sizes (48″, 72″ and 96″) and with either a bamboo or stainless steel top, this simple, yet functional workbench features a … Read more

Tailored Living’s New PremierGarage Metal Cabinet Series

[box type=”info” align=”” class=”” width=””] There is new information regarding this post here. [/box] Tailored Living featuring PremierGarage recently rolled out its new private label modular garage storage system, the PremierGarage Metal Cabinet Series. This new garage storage solution includes multifunction cabinets built from heavy duty 18-gauge steel, multiple mounting options, integrated light valances for optional … Read more