Hands-On: TRiLIGHT Motion Sensing LED Ceiling Light

Back in January, we wrote about the new from STKR. At the time, we didn’t have one on-hand so we only reported what we learned from our limited research. We also criticized its price but still liked the TRiLIGHT and wanted a few for our own garages. The good folks at STKR saw our article … Read more

Big LED Light for Dark Garages… for a Price

Update: The good folks at STKR saw our article and sent a TRiLIGHT to us for a closer look. We made a full review of , please visit our complete review here. For decades, the vast majority of home builders have been installing insufficient, low-quality lighting in residential garages. The typical 400-600 square foot two-car … Read more

Hands-On: Milwaukee M18 Radius LED Compact Site Light

One of the challenges we always have with flashlights, drop lights or LED stick lights with hooks and magnets is positioning them just right to illuminate our work area. Sure, these work lights certainly have a spot in our toolbox, but sometimes, we just need big, clean light. There are lots of portable lighting solutions available … Read more

SpotCheck #25

This week’s SpotCheck shines some light on the situation by focusing on some of the different lighting-related things people have sent our way recently. Hmm… this one appears to have broken 🙁