The RYOBI Modular Garage Door Opener

After living with an obnoxiously loud chain drive garage door opener for eight years, we just replaced our opener with an amazingly quiet belt drive. But wouldn’t ya’ know it… this thing comes out a month later, and I want one!

Call it the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of garage door openers, the new RYOBI Garage Door Opener Module System is pretty sweet by itself, and even more so with its many add-on modules—like a fan, retractable extension cord, Bluetooth speaker and others. The base system, which includes everything you need to get up-and-running, is available exclusively from Home Depot and retails for $248.

The 2HP motor powering a steel-reinforced and ultra-quiet belt-drive will make for a RYOBI-backed lifetime guarantee of opens/closes. The unit is also compatible with the RYOBI ONE+ system and is battery backup ready with over 100 openings using a RYOBI ONE+ P108 4Ah Battery (sold separately).

RYOBI claims simple installation with its three-rail system, and the standard package includes a multifunctional wall control, wireless keypad, two remotes, and a safety sensor. The system is also HomeLink and Wi-Fi connectable with an IOS and Android App available for remote monitoring and operation.


What sets the RYOBI garage door opener apart is its add-on modules, which aren’t gimmicky but very useful, indeed. The system already comes standard with a sizable LED light with built-in motion detection. Beyond that, you can purchase a Bluetooth speaker ($54), laser parking assistant ($44), fan ($54), retractable extension cord ($64) and carbon monoxide alarm (coming soon) . Check out the gallery below to see each module.

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