Building a Better Birdhouse

I say it a lot, but the wife and I moved from the city into the [somewhat] sticks. We’ve got a lot of trees on our new property and we want birdies to come pay us a visit.

We visited the local bird supply store and spent a whopping $150 on bird stuff—it was easy to do. From the elaborate bird feeder and house to the food we’ll be feeding them, this could get expensive quick. We only got a couple of houses/feeders and want several more. Ugh.

Looking at the handful of birdhouses in the store, I realized that I could definitely build some of these things that are selling for $50 or more. So, I’m learning to build a better birdhouse by watching and reading online, so that when we finally do move in and I get my own garage built-out (that’s a project in an of itself I’m documenting here on called, Project Baker), I’ll be able to get to work on building the various birdhouses and feeders we want to strategically place all around our yard.

During my web research, I found a recent video from a YouTube channel called FinnCrafted that I thought was a bit more helpful than many of the others I’ve seen in that he’s not showing us how to build a birdhouse via a time-lapse set to techno music, but rather walking us through the seemingly simple process with tips that most wouldn’t consider.

Anyways, I learned something. Maybe you will, too. Here’s the video:

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