Hands On: Bubba Rope NexGen PRO Gator-Jaw Synthetic Shackles

If you’ve been following us here at GarageSpot.com (or on Instagram and Facebook) for a while, you probably know that we really love our Jeeps and off-roading, as do many of you. And here in North Florida, there’s plenty of sand and mud to get stuck in. When it comes to off-road recovery, many of … Read more

A Window Screen for Your Vehicle

Ahhhh, Florida. With its shirt-soaking humidity, mosquitos, “love bugs,” and “no-see-ums,” it’s the place to be! Now, I haven’t been camping-proper for a long time. But I do take the Jeep out on the trails quite a bit and we almost always stop to hang out for lunch by the lake or just to shoot … Read more