Outdoor Wood-Fired Pizza in Your Kettle Grill

I’ll probably get slammed for this, but I’m just not a gas grill kinda guy. I love the old-school kettle grills—the process of making the perfect fire, the wait, the rich taste of charcoal… oh yeah.

KettlePizza In Action

Now, I’m certainly far from a BBQ connoisseur and even further from being a grill master, but the idea of my very own wood-fired pizza oven is pretty sweet. Lucky for me, there’s the KettlePizza—an ingenious invention to turn your kettle grill into an outdoor wood-fired pizza oven. In as little as four minutes, you can have yourself what for now I can only assume is an amazing pizza (oh, I’m gettin’ one!).

Made right here in the USA, KettlePizza kits are available in several configurations, from basic to pro. Each kit has its own advantages, such as higher dome temperatures and faster refueling with the pro-kit, and are available to work with 18.5″ and 22.5″ kettle grills (some kits fit both sizes, while advanced kits are designed specifically for a 22.5″ grill).

And since I haven’t personally tested the KettlePizza (yet), here’s a quick video from Ace Hardware to show us how it works:

The KettlePizza kits are versatile, too, so feel free to think outside of the box… or kettle in this case. The KettlePizza Blog offers lots of inspiration and recipes for use with the KettlePizza kit.

Depending on the kit you choose, prices range from about $140 for the basic kit all the way up to about $430 for the special edition Serious Eats kit and are available from select big-box stores, KettlePizza directly, or on Amazon.

Let’s eat! ?

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