A Portable Truck Bed Liner

The other day, as a contractor drove out of our driveway with a truck full of old drywall debris from our seemingly never-ending bathroom remodel, it looked like something straight out of Scarface…

Other than carelessness, I have no idea why he didn’t at least throw a tarp over the load—what a friggin’ mess… and all the way down the road, too.

A few days later, a product aptly named the Portable Truck Bed Liner, crossed our workbench. I shared it with the contractor and he said he was going to order one immediately.????????

For about $100 (a little more for larger truck beds), the Portable Truck Bed Liner is basically an over-sized tarp with some key differences. Made from UV- and tear-resistant material, the liner is designed not only to protect the bottom of the truck bed but also includes integrated adjustable straps and clips to keep cargo secure so it won’t blow away. To unload the truck, you simply pull the entire liner out, cargo and all. And when you’re done, it folds up for storage.

While it’s not designed for super-heavy cargo like large rocks, which could tear any kind of material, for lighter loads like yard debris or boxes, it could be very useful, even if you already have a permanent bed liner. I’m betting it would’ve held up just fine with the smaller drywall debris that our contractors were hauling away and would’ve made unloading all of that stuff at the landfill much easier.

The Portable Truck Bed Liner could also work well with trailers. I’d love to have one for the back of the Jeep JKUR, but they’re all a bit big (hint-hint, guys!). Then again, the wife actually said the other day that she wouldn’t mind owning a truck. Wait… what?!? Saweeeet!

Learn more at PortableTruckBedLiner.com. Also available on Amazon.

Forty-something years later, Chad still doesn't' know what he wants to do if he grows up. Raised around cars and trained in diesel mechanics, Chad has owned a successful detail shop, developed and sold software, led a K-9 SAR team, ridden the dot-com wave as a marketing & PR executive, led digital strategy teams at both large and small agencies, and now this. He digs Jeeps, off-road racing, football, photography, writing, making EDM, cranking metal, PC gaming, and a plethora of other contradictory things.