How Garage Doors Are Made

I’m going to either replace or restore the 16-year-old metal garage door at our new-to-us home pretty soon. And in doing so, I set out to do some research around polishing vs. painting, metal vs. wood, and so forth. Garage doors aren’t cheap, so I’m leaning towards a restoration job.

While I’ve painted a metal garage door before with no issues, I’ve also heard that restoring the baked-in paint is better, as it will last much longer when prepped, polished, and sealed correctly. Anyway, stay tuned, because I’ll be posting both a big post on Garage Doors 101 and the metal garage door restoration process soon. I know… it’s gonna be enthralling!

In the meantime, as I was doing my homework, I wondered just how my garage door was made. Thanks to the wonders of the Interwebz, I was able to find this older-but-still-relevant (2011) video of the garage door production process from the TV show, “How it’s Made.” I’d summarize it all here but I’m betting you’d rather just watch.


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