DIY Air Hockey

I grew up playing a ton of air hockey, so this video from one of our Favorite YouTube channels, I Like to Make Stuff, showing us how to make our own air hockey table was just something I thought I’d share as a short post. Good stuff.

Synthetic vs. Conventional Motor Oil: An Engineering Perspective

There are lots of viewpoints when it comes to synthetic vs. conventional motor oil, or a combo of the two (e.g., synthetic blend). When it comes to viscosity (resistance to flow), however, there are engineering considerations that are hard to ignore. For example, synthetic’s base—what the oil is made from—already has multi-grade characteristics designed to … Read more

DiY Tools Etching & Personalization

We all have our favorite tools, but us old guys sometimes have a hard time reading their labels. You can buy etched sockets and other tools already, but that’s expensive. And permanent markers or stickers just won’t last. One of our favorite YouTubers, Chris Fix, shows us how to etch and personalize our tools DiY … Read more

Watching a Clockmaker Has Never Been More Fascinating!

If you’ve ever read my bio on these posts (down below), you know that I’ve got a lot of interests. And while I never considered clock making all that interesting—only because I never put much thought into the subject—an Aussie named Chris has completely transformed me. Chris, who says he’s an amateur clockmaker and machinist, proves to be anything … Read more