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SpotCheck #35

There’s a lot of stuff that comes across the workbench or inbox here at GarageSpot each week. And while much of it is pretty cool, there’s either not enough to make a full story of it (yet), or we just don’t have time but do want to share. That’s what this post is about each week. We call it, SpotCheck. Enjoy.

A Duct Tape Killer?!?

fiber-fix-10x-tape If something's moving that isn't supposed to move, duct tape is usually a solid solution, even if a temporary solution. But is there really anything better... anything stronger than duct tape?!? Why yes, there is. Fiber Fix 10x Tape ($11) is a new super-tape that claims to be 10x stronger than duct tape and cannot be ripped or torn. Fiber Fix also has another wrap product that's said to be 100x stronger than duct tape... more on that in a future post.

The Scraper You Need

Woodpeckers Scraper When you need to remove stubborn dried or even wet glue from your woodworking project materials—particularly in tight corners—the new Mighty Mini-Scraper ($20) from Woodpeckers will be your best friend. This scraper's rugged carbide blade with its four sharp edges has a slight camber to help prevent marring your wood surface. There's also an optional, perfectly square insert for getting into square corners for around $12. The handle is made of a tough polycarbonate plastic.

Rhino's Doomsday Sweepstakes

  Rhino Linings Doomsday Countdown Sweepstakes Rhino Linings, best known for its popular line of spray-on truck bed liners, has launched its Doomsday Countdown Sweepstakes, which runs through 12/1/16. Each month of the sweepstakes carries a different prepper-style theme with giveaways to match—shelter for August, followed by food, storage, and finally, heat in December. Grand prize winners will receive $500 in Rhino Linings gift cards, one survival gear item from a company featured in the promotion, including Rightline Gear, Cabela’s, Grizzly and BioLite. Participants can vote once daily for the prizes they would most like to win, influencing the final grand prize package.

The Fly Trap that Tricks

Garbage Can Fly Trap If you park your garbage or recycling cans outside—like those huge city-issued cans—they'll almost certainly invite flies to the area. The Garbage Can Fly Trap ($15) solves this problem in a clean, unique manner. Flies or other insects enter on the exterior of the trap and end up in the disposable cartridge below, which contains fly paper, preventing escape. Simply push the quick release button to release the cartridge directly into the trash so there's nothing disgusting to touch. New cartridges, which last about two months and are semi-transparent so you can see if replacement is necessary, just pop into place. A 1.5" hole saw is required for installation and is not included.

Every Hand Tool... Illustrated

Hand Tool Chart Poster If you're looking for a really cool, high-quality poster for your garage, workshop or man cave, the Hand Tools Chart ($35) from Pop Chart Lab is a very cool option. Over 300 meticulously illustrated hand tools, organized by basic function, are presented on this beautiful 24" x 36" poster using brass and aluminum metallic inks printed on 100 lb. archival stock certified by The Forest Stewardship Council. Ships in a strong plastic tube to prevent any creasing. For the record, we've seen this in-person and the photos here don't do it justice—it's a great looking piece.

Your Story

Spotlight Since the launch of just six months ago, we've grown faster than we ever imagined, with over 8,000 Facebook fans and thousands of site visitors each month. As we continue to grow our little community of garage geeks, weekend warriors, and even professional wrench-turners, we'd like to start showcasing some of your stories. If you've got a good story about your garage buildout, a project you're super-proud of, or even a handful of really unique tips you've learned along the way—maybe around woodworking, DIY bodywork or similar—we'd love to hear from you. Thanks for your continued support!



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