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SpotCheck #27

A quick look at some of the cool stuff that has come across our workbench or inbox this week, plus… free stickers!

Hose Hooker

Hose Hooker
The Hose Hooker ($30) is a hands-free hose holder that allows you to do whatever you need to do with your garden hose—wash the dog, your hands, shoes, or use it as an extension tool to reach higher-up. The extension feature adds the ability for you to extend from 31" to 53". For us, it's a little pricey but certainly useful.

The ULTIMATE Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army SwissChamp XAVT
One of our favorite YouTubers, Unbox Therapy, recently got their hands on the ultimate Swiss Army knife from Victorinox, the SwissChamp XAVT ($380). This thing integrates 80 tools in one, while still fitting in your pocket (albeit, a bit awkward)—it's crazy! Although released in 2008, we're just now finding out about this beast of a knife. Watch the Unbox Therapy video... it's a hoot!

Playing Fireman

Girot's Garage Fireman's Hose Nozzle Everyone wants to be a fireman when they grow up. And now you can! The Griot's Garage Fireman's Hose Nozzle ($80) is an aluminum-bodied water hose nozzle with an ergonomic molded pistol-style Santoprene TPV rubber grip and variable spray patterns. The straight-through hose connection allows for maximum water pressure because there are no bends in between the connection and the outlet like conventional pistol grip nozzles.

Half Bike, Half Scooter

Cruising around the neighborhood just got easier with the ScootMatic ($1300). This foldable electric half bike half scooter reaches speeds of over 15 MPH, and can climb uphill or ride smoothly on flat surfaces thanks to its four-speeds. Weighing in at just 38 Pounds, the ScootMatic can cruise about 28 Miles on a single charge. Featuring built-in Bluetooth speakers, a USB charger, LED headlights, an alarm system, and an LED screen that displays important riding information complete the build. The ScootMatic is currently working to raise money on Indiegogo to fund its development and, at the time of this post, was 25% into a $30k campaign.

Digital Doorman

Kuna Security Lighting w/ Camera & Intercom
KUNA ($200) is a smart Wi-Fi security camera and video intercom, built into an elegant outdoor light. It detects people coming to your home and alerts you so you can see and speak to them using your smartphone, from anywhere. KUNA uses your existing home wiring for power and WiFi for data—it can simply replace your existing light fixture. KUNA gives you access to live 720P, wide angle video, a two-way intercom, 100 dB alarm siren, and smart light control. The unit does not include pan/tilt/zoom features or night vision (which would likely clash with the light itself causing a bright white video feed). Access to live video for 2 hours is free or up to 30-days on an optional subscription plan, starting at $5/month.

Stick It!

GarageSpot Stickers!
We've got a limited supply of GarageSpot stickers in both 2" and 6" sizes. Show your support for GarageSpot by slapping one on your car, truck, ATV, laptop, garage cabinet, etc. They're waterproof and coated with a UV protectant of some sort (sorry, we don't have details... our Chief Sticker Scientist is out today). We'll send one big and two small stickers to a few folks at random, while supplies last. For your chance to score 'em, visit our Contact Us page and provide your name and mailing address. Give us a week or two to get them out. Thanks for your support!!



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