Thursday, February 27, 2020
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SpotCheck #24

A quick look at some of the cool stuff that has come across our workbench or inbox this week.

A Crescent Wrench and Vice-Grip All-in-One

Cratsman Extreme Grip Adjustable Wrench New to the Craftsman Extreme GRIP line of hand tools is the 10-Inch Locking Adjustable Wrench ($24) with 2x the gripping power on rounded fasteners compared to a standard Craftsman adjustable wrench. Works on both inch and metric fasteners and features a dual-material comfort grip, up to a 1" open jaw, quick-release lever and is backed by Craftsman's legendary lifetime warranty.

Shock-Absorbing Boots

Wolverine Legend Durashock Boots The new Wolverine Legend DuaraShocks CarbonMAX Boot ($175) isn't just a mouthful to say but are known as some of the best work boots around. DuraShocks technology incorporates four layers of comfort and protection: optimized cushioning with extra in the heel, a shock-absorbing sidewall, Wolverine's own H-Plate Energy Return suspension layer, and a durable outsole with chiseled edges and rubber lugs for slip resistance. The CarbonMAX nanotechnology safety toe offers lighter-weight, better fit and a strong structure that meets ASTM standards. Waterproof and breathable, these boots are made to last, and offer lasting comfort and protection.

Safer, Smarter Motorcycle Braking

GearBrake - Smart Brake Light Module An extra one second of warning time can prevent 90% of rear-end collisions with motorcycles, according to the company that created the GearBrake ($60-$100) system. GearBrake knows when you engine brake and flashes the brake light briefly to let drivers know you're slowing. It uses an internal accelerometer that's calibrated to only activate under rapid deceleration. When you use your brakes, GearBrake also flashes your brake light for 2 seconds and then goes to solid for as long as you hold the brake. Simple plug-n-play install. More details at

Like Keep Away, but More Fun!

Rampshot Outdoor Game

RampShot ($60) is a four player outdoor game that utilizes two plastic ramps and four racquetball-style balls. Teammates stand on opposite sides of the playing area and work together to score points by tossing and/or catching the balls. Three points for a shot directly in the net, one point if your teammate catches the ball on a fly after bouncing off the top of the ramp. If the shooter's toss comes up short and hits the front of the ramp, the ball will bounce back in the shooter's direction. The opposing team member can now come in and catch the ball to gain an extra shot for their team. The first team to 15 wins! Three out of four players are involved in every play keeping everyone engaged. The grooves on the top of the ramp make for unpredictable bounces, which keeps things challenging.

CarMD Study on "Check Engine" Repair Costs

CarMD Check Engine Report
When a vehicle’s check engine light comes on, drivers in California now pay the most ($435) on average, while vehicle owners in Michigan pay the least ($354) to have it fixed, according to CarMD, which analyzed data from more than 1 million vehicles needing repairs in 2015. Odd, since Michigan topped another report saying it was the most expensive state for car ownership. Anywho, rounding out the five most expensive states for auto repairs are Wyoming (no. 2), Maryland (no. 3), North Dakota (no. 4) and New Jersey (no. 5). After Michigan, the most affordable states for car repairs are Indiana (no. 50), Ohio (no. 49), Wisconsin (no. 48) and Iowa (no. 47). View the full report.

20,000 Pages of Woodworking!

20k Pages of Woodworking Collection has compiled top woodworking magazines from over 27 years of production into the ultimate collection of woodworking projects, tools reviews, instruction, and more. With hundreds of projects in a wide variety of types and techniques, the multi-DVD collection covers all forms of woodworking for all skill levels. Included in the collection are the archives of four top woodworking magazines: 21 years of Popular Woodworking Magazine (1995-2015), Woodwork Magazine (1989-2014), American Woodworker Magazine (1985-2014), and five years of Woodworking Magazine (issues 1-16). $125 at

Happy Father's Day (Weekend)!

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